About Us

Our Mission

Canna Patient Resource Connection (CPRC) was formed to:

· Provide education to communities, businesses, and elected officials with intentions to improve the understanding of phytocannabinoid use as part of an overall treatment plan.

· Help break stigmas surrounding the therapeutic use of cannabis.

· To  provide both educational and resource support to the cannabis patient  population as the plant undergoes the harsh transition from an illegal drug to having accepted therapeutic and recreational uses.

Through collaboration with a variety of community entities, CPRC hopes to provide education that can save lives, help the therapeutic industry keep its patient needs in mind, and improve the lives of cannabis patients. 

Who We Are

Co-Founder, Bridget Dandaraw-Seritt

Bridget Dandaraw-Seritt is a patient with multiple autoimmune diseases and genetic disorders. She is Co-Founder of Canna-Patient Resource Connection, an organization that designs science-based cannabis education for beginners and works to improve the quality of life for moderate to severe patients using cannabis as therapy. Mrs. Dandaraw-Seritt is a published author, has served on several local and state cannabis workgroups, and has presented at multiple industry events and conferences. CannaPatient Resource Connection’s education is used nationwide by physicians, medical cannabis centers, and patient advocacy groups.

Co-Founder, Aisha Sawyer and Mymy

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