CBD Crash Course: The Basics

Cannabidiol (CBD) is popping up all over, from every corner store to mattresses to infused burgers.  Sales Reps are everywhere, seemingly hinting that their CBD product has the power to grant immortality and perfect health.   As patients, we need to be able to cut through the hype and figure out what this means for us. Continue reading “CBD Crash Course: The Basics”

Topicals, Dabs, and Inhalers Galore! What is it for?

Countries around the world are starting to ease restrictions on cannabis access, including here in the United States.  Thankfully our citizens are uniting to push state legislation through, albeit in tiny increments. This revolution has been brought to you by success stories like Charlotte Figi, SuperNova, and Coltyn Turner.   All these years we’ve been taughtContinue reading “Topicals, Dabs, and Inhalers Galore! What is it for?”