CBD Crash Course: The Hype Lines

Navigating the Cannabidiol (CBD) product landscape as a patient can be overwhelming.  Fancy websites with glittery products hint that by adding CBD to your health care regimen that YOU TOO could live the life of your dreams.  All your pains will just go away and vitality is yours for the taking.  CBD is being marketedContinue reading “CBD Crash Course: The Hype Lines”

CBD Crash Course: The Basics

Cannabidiol (CBD) is popping up all over, from every corner store to mattresses to infused burgers.  Sales Reps are everywhere, seemingly hinting that their CBD product has the power to grant immortality and perfect health.   As patients, we need to be able to cut through the hype and figure out what this means for us. Continue reading “CBD Crash Course: The Basics”

CBD Surprises

Also Published on The Mighty Cannabidiol (CBD) has been getting some serious press and is a huge trend.  You can find it in nearly everything from the morning latte to the evening bath bomb.  Advertisements, articles, and sales people claim CBD can help most conditions from general anxiety to arthritis.  For a patient with chronicContinue reading “CBD Surprises”