Myth Busting Legalization: Stigma

Myth: A legal medical cannabis program means public perception has changed and everyone is on board. Years ago, I started using cannabis to help regulate my pain.  The patient-demonizing “War on Opiates” was just getting started, and filling my valid prescription was becoming harder and harder.  Fast forward a few months, and I had completelyContinue reading “Myth Busting Legalization: Stigma”

Myth-Busting Legalization

Myth: Legalizing recreational means everyone has access. Upscale products, infused dinner parties, and industry trade shows frequently showcase cannabis as the next in thing, and usually these are portrayed through the “wellness” eye glass.  Everyone was excited about legalizing recreational cannabis, but several years later the tune is changing.  Adult-use is a freedom we allContinue reading “Myth-Busting Legalization”