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Incorporating cannabis into therapy can be extremely overwhelming. With the Schedule I status very few doctors have information, and dispensary staff usually are barred from giving out medical advice. Very quickly patients find that recreational concepts don’t translate into therapy, and they get stuck. Where do you go from there? Scroll down and learn the very basics of using cannabis therapeutically.

Hear Veteran Bryan Ortega’s story. He fought for this country only to be criminalized in his home state of Texas. Here is his journey to Colorado seeking relief without persecution. No one should have to leave their home for a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals.

The Very Basics!

Where do I begin?

Cannabis can be confusing, especially when patients are trying to manage their symptoms. What are the best strains for my disease? How much cannabis do I take? Do I have to smoke it?

Find all the answers to these questions and more here.

Beyond THC & CBD

Do you need an indica? A sativa? What should I be looking for as a patient to help target my symptoms? This section helps patients learn how to specifically target their illnesses and symptoms by learning what cannabinoids and terpenes are and how they affect the body.

Know CBD

CBD! CBD! CBD! What is it? How can you use it? Is it legal? Will it get me high? Find out the answer to these questions and more here!


When it comes to cannabis research, autoimmune diseases are one of the big three focus areas. Discover what the research says, how you can incorporate it into your therapy, and how to talk to your doctor about adding cannabis to your health plan.


Cancer can be an extremely overwhelming diagnosis. With so much information online about how to use cannabis in cancer therapy, it is hard to sift fact from fiction. Unfortunately, most of the studies done are in vivo or in vitro. Thankfully, of the most heavily researched areas of cannabinoid therapy is with cancer. Studies are showing compelling evidence that many cannabinoids can play a role in cancer therapy, whether to help control symptoms or as a disease management co-therapy. Click here for studies and information that you can take back to your medical team to make informed decisions about your care.

One of the most asked questions is, does cannabis reduce opiate use? We will let the data speak for itself.

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