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CPRC combines patient experience feedback and science so patients have the best chance of success using cannabis therapeutically.

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Canna-Patient Resource Connection is a patient education and outreach charity that helps provide educational material and support services for patients and patient advocates. We work with local medical practices, and keep up with the biggest researchers to develop easy-read patient education with the most accurate information available. Our organization focuses on patients with moderate to severe illness, when patients need the most guidance to find what works. We hope to provide support materials that can help you and your medical team in deciding whether experimenting with cannabis therapeutics is right for you. There are pharmaceutical interactions, so it is important that you consult your pharmacist as well. For more information on pharmaceutical interactions, see Project CBD for information to give to your doctor. Their information also includes THC as well.

The material provided is not medical or legal advice, but rather information you can take to your medical and legal team to help make educated decisions.

Education for Patients and Patient Advocates

Patient Outreach

Our patient outreach services include access to a non-prescription medical supply cabinet, free educational classes, advocacy training, volunteer opportunities, and more. Every year we engage in several patient support activities including our annual Halloween Costume Swap, supply drives, and home-cooked meals for patient families. Below is a glimpse of the community service we do local to Colorado.

Co-Founder, Bridget Seritt discusses the loophole that allows Child Protective Services to investigate parents for CBD isolates and hemp CBD products.

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